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Restore Site with the Visual-Tech Connection

Written by Mike Woody
Thursday, 22 May 2008

The victims of vision loss are trapped in a world of darkness but with the video magnifiers of the Visual-Tech Connection, Ken Serey holds the key to restored sight and the ability to perform common daily tasks.

Ken Serey For over 10 years he has opened the eyes of gracious customers from Cincinnati to Toledo.

Itís reported by the U.S government that 37% of senior citizens have some type of degeneration, most commonly macular degeneration, which affects a personís focal vision. The majority of Sereyís business comes from sufferers of the disease.

We turn a negative into a positive, we canít fix their eyes but can make them able to read and write again which is important to give them some independence, Serey said.

Visual-Tech Connection was started in 1986 by Sereyís brother, Rick, and sells the video magnification aids, also referred to as closed-circuit televisions (CCTVís). They enlarge text and increase the contrast and visibility of just about anything that is viewed with them. The machine is easy to operate, having only three buttons, and any item placed in the tray is magnified on the screen up to 70x its original size. The elderly can be intimidated as they arenít all technically skilled but the machines are very simple and with my free home no-obligation demonstrations a penny is never spent until they are comfortable using it, Serey said.

Itís a real life change for those who purchase a CCTV as they are again able to read mail, newspapers, magazines and prescription bottles. As well as see to write checks, letters and do crossword puzzles. One woman was brought to tears from being able to see pictures of her grandchildren for the first time. They can do things that they otherwise had to give up and is a great build-up of their self confidence, Serey said.

Serey fondly remembers a client who couldnít see to read or write but with the CCTV published a book of poetry. The positive impact brought to the life of the customers he encounters fills him with a tremendous sense of pride. I have a real appreciation for differences I have made in lives.

Visual-Tech Connection offers over 40 different models of CCTV, including smaller portable units that can be taken to the grocery store, to restaurants to read the menu and used to see the thermostat.

While Serey provides his customers with the gift of sight, he is blessed with the warm kindness shown by the elders and their fascinating stories. He has met a gentleman who teamed with J. Edgar Hoover in a shootout, one who worked with Albert Einstein and another who babysat for the Lindbergh baby. They are the greatest generation of people with some incredible stories as they have been around for awhile and seen a lot, Serey said. He recalled another client who used to race with Olympian Jesse Owens, who claimed to always be able to identify Owens from the back of his head since he was always behind him.

In addition to his free, no obligation home demonstrations, Serey also displays the product at senior citizen centers, nursing homes, businesses and schools. He will go anywhere there is an interest. For individuals Serey visits the home so the CCTV can be used by the client in their own lighting and with their own materials. He is based in Tipp City, where he resides. From Columbus, his brother Rick covers the other half of Ohio and they have helped over 5,000 people with low vision. Previously a business manager, Serey answered his brotherís call for help when he was no longer able to handle all the sales himself. Iíve been busy every day since, Serey said.

Married for 35 years to his wife Catherine, Serey has two children and three grandchildren. He carries a bright vision for the future of CCTVís and encourages anyone with low vision either from macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma or anything else to allow themselves to again be able to see and participate in life.

More information can be found at www.lowvisionaids.com or contact Ken Serey at (937) 669-1169 or Toll Free: 1-800-873-9359. Find a cure to the darkness and be shined upon by the light of life.