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Senior Friendly (Easy to learn, Easy to use)

$2,995.00 with 22" Widescreen

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Image of the Optelec ClearView+ Color Flat Panel 18.5-inch Widescreen LCD CCTV

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Photo of lady viewing a magnified image of a photograph on her ClearView+ Description:

The Optelec ClearView+ desktop CCTV video magnifier systems use state of the art HQV image processing technology resulting in smoother character edges, vivid colors and higher contrast. The ClearView+ systems magnify anything placed under them from 3 up to over 95 times its orginal size, always maintaining perfect focus. The ClearView+ features a specially designed high quality LCD flat panel monitor screen and lighting design, for optimal visual enhancement. Best of all, the entire system can be controlled with a single button, and customized to meet your exact needs.

With the ClearView+ magnification and mode buttons placed on the table, the user can change settings without removing their hands from the table. The need for repetitive arm lifting is eliminated. Moreover, the ultra low table wrist pads offer continuous support for increased comfort and speed. The “one touch” electronic table brake, instantly and effortlessly stops all sliding movements so the user never looses their place. Not frequently used buttons are placed behind a slider.

The ClearView+ redefines ergonomic design. For perfect ergonomic distance between the eye and the monitor, the ClearView+ 22" monitor come with a five directional "ultra flexible TFT monitor arm". The Ultra Flexible Arm (UFA) allows the user to adjust the monitor screen to their preferred position with ease. The TFT (LCD) screen can be moved up or down, telescoped forward or backward, tilted, angled left and right. The UFA also rotates 90-degrees and automatically flips the image to enable column reading.

Image of a ClearView+ CCTV Featuring its One Button Control

One Button Control System

ClearView+ has been designed with many exciting features, none more impressive than the one-button control system that allows you to:

  • Increase or decrease magnification.
  • Change from photo mode to high contrast black and white, as well as reverse.
  • Magnification Range: 3.4x-65x on 22" screen.
Image of the ClearView+ Flat Panel CCTV showing how its display can be tilted and positioned for maximum comfort. Image of the ClearView+ Flat Panel CCTV showing how its display can be tilted and positioned for maximum comfort. Customized High Quality Monitors

ClearView+ TFT (LCD) Flat Panel displays are specially selected and tuned for maximum sharpness, brightness and contrast - this is no off-the-shelf monitor or TV. Each monitor is selected and tested by low vision experts to provide the best possible image. In addition, each display can be tilted and positioned for maximum comfort.

Four monitor options are available:

Always-in-Focus (AIF) Technology

Ensures objects are always in crisp, clear focus

Innovative Lighting Design

Two light sources, located on either side of the camera provide even distribution of light across the object viewed, while eliminating glare and shadowing.

Easy-Glide Platform with Electronic Break

Allows you to easily scan every inch of the object you are viewing. Platform moves left and right, forward and back. If you want the table held steady, simply push the electronic break.

Optelec ClearView+ Demonstration:

Adjust Magnication

Change Modes

Even Lighting

Image of the ClearView+ CCTV showing how magnification on the screen is adjusted.

Image of the ClearView+ CCTV showing how on screen color modes are adjusted.

Image of the ClearView+ CCTV showing how its built-in lighting evenly distributes light across objects  being viewed.

Two light sources provide even distribution of light across objects.

Optional Feature Packs

  • Basic Feature Pack - 16 alternate color options, Position indicator, Price: $108 (includes $8 Shipping/Handling).
  • Advanced Feature Pack - 16 alternate color options, Position indicator, Windows and line markers, External PC switch, Price: $158 (includes $8 Shipping/Handling).

Images of the Basic and Advanced Feature Packs installed on the ClearView+ Reading Platform.

Special Note: Some assembly is required. The ClearView+ is a modular system consisting of a reading table base with pre-installed camera unit (and optional Feature Pack if ordered) and a monitor head unit which must be assembled to the reading table base.

Warranty: 3 year (US) with a 30-day money back guarantee.

All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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