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CCTV Simulation

What you are about to experience in this CCTV simulation is a sampling of what standard 12-point newsprint looks like on a Video Magnifier or CCTV (NOTE: This simulation will only work with browsers that recognize "SPAN STYLE" such as Internet Explorer 3 or higher, and Navigator 4 or higher).

Imagine if you will, a CCTV user placing a standard newspaper (folded of course) on the CCTV's movable reading tray. The camera contained within the CCTV views the newsprint (while placed on the reading tray) and presents a magnified and contrast enhanced video image of the newsprint on the CCTV's monitor screen for the user to read. The user can easily adjust the level of magnification and the level of brightness to suit his or her needs, and by sliding the reading tray from right to left, the user is able to read the newsprint as it scrolls across the CCTV screen.

By clicking and dragging your horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of your PC screen slowly and smoothly to the right, you will visually experience how one can read when using a CCTV. Keep in mind however, all of the CCTVs we represent are able to magnify far greater and with greater (or even less) brightness than can be shown in our simple simulation.

All of our CCTVs have the ability to present black letters on a white background (positive), or white letters on a black background (negative). This simulation allows you to experience both of those presentations, as well as a few user selectable alternate color options (promotes maximum reading comfort) that are available on many of our CCTV models.

Click here for black letters on a white background.

Click here for white letters on a black background.

Click here for black letters on a yellow background.

Click here for amber letters on a black background.

Click here for yellow letters on a blue background.

Click here for green letters on a black background

Note: If you view the above simulation pages in standard SVGA mode (800x600 resolution) on a 14" PC monitor, then the letters in our CCTV simulation represent a magnification of approximately 5 times (5X) the size of standard newsprint. On a 17" PC monitor, the letters represent approximately 6 times (6X) newsprint size. On a 20" PC monitor, you would be looking at a representation of newsprint at approximately 7 times (7X) magnification.

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